Exploring how cross sectoral collaboration is the driver of innovation

10:30am - 11:40am
Anton Savage
ICBE Board Member


Speaker Name

Martin Cotter
- Senior VP Industrial and Multi-Markets
Marie Moynihan
- Senior VP Global Talent
Regina Moran
- Senior VP, Head of Global Delivery Unit



Analog Devices

Dell Technologies

Fujitsu Technologies

How companies, foundations, NGOs, and governments agencies can partner to solve business and global development challenges. As companies grow, they must navigate increasingly complex social, environmental, and supply chain challenges that they can’t solve alone. Meanwhile, governments and donors increasingly rely on market forces, private sector innovation, and the economic opportunity created by companies to improve people’s lives. The success of each sector is inextricably intertwined.

Challenges facing ICBE members - Energy usage and carbon neutrality by 2030

Talent - Digital transformation - Connected teams

11:40am - 11:50am


Session A - Environmental, Social, Governance

11:50am - 12:50pm
Anton Savage
ICBE Board Member

Speaker Name

Barry O'Sullivan
- Board Member at IDA Ireland
Mark Stafford
- Sustainability Manager
Paul Walsh
- General Manager
James O'Regan
- Snr. Manager, Facilities/Utilities & Sustainability


- Chairman Shannon Estuary Economic Taskforce
Danone Food Company


Gilead Sciences

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) is a framework designed to be integrated into an organisation's strategy to create enterprise value by expanding the organisational objectives to include the identification, assessment and management of sustainability-related risks and opportunities in respect to all organisational stakeholders (including but not limited to customers, suppliers and employees) and the environment.

12:50pm - 1:20pm

Lunch Break

Session B - Digital Manufacturing Collaboration

1:20pm - 2:10pm
Anton Savage
ICBE Board Member

Speaker Name

Speaker To Be Announced
Speaker Title To Be Announced
Domhnall Carroll
- Site Director


Speaker Organisation To Be Announced

National Advanced Manufacturing Centre

Top manufacturers worldwide are investing in improving customer experiences with digital solutions such as customer and dealer portals, collaboration platforms, and more.

2:15pm - 3:15pm

 Keynote Speaker

Liselotte Lyngsø
- Futurist


Founding Partner of Future Navigator


Spot the Future in Times of Disruption - Prepare for the Age of Precision We all have a futurist inside of us. What really matters is whether you can and will shape it. Liselotte will start by looking at the future trends - those that will be driving markets and decisions during the next 10 years. She, will then help you develop the mindset of a futurist so that you can see the trends specific to your particular business and workplace. She will give you techniques so that you may see opportunities and creative solutions where others see problems and challenges. It is about training your future muscles, practicing trendspotting and translating your new-found knowledge into perspectives that create direction and value. In this interactive keynote you will learn many new techniques and methods to spot and navigate the future. 

When developing the future, the most important competence is to stay curious.  Look forward to being inspired!


Session C - Leadership

3:15pm - 4:00pm
Anton Savage
ICBE Board Member

Speaker Name

Dr. Sarah MacCurtain
- Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour
Colin Curran
- VP of Human Resources
Liselotte Lyngsø
- Futurist


Kemmy Business School, UL

Teleflex Incorporated

Founding Partner of Future Navigator

Now is a very challenging time for our members as they contend with increasingly dispersed and fragmented organisational structures, the realities of hybrid work and multi-generational workforces.  

Recent research undertaken between ICBE and the Kemmy Business School, UL highlights how many of today’s Leaders are challenging the norms of Leadership as we know them. A new, more human-centric Leader is emerging. A Leader that appreciates that neither work nor culture are bound by time and place but instead by meaningful connections, authentic conversations and purposeful work structures that build trust and allow employees the space to perform and thrive.  

Sarah will share how new approaches to Leadership formation will allow Ireland’s new Leaders build the sustainable future they know is within reach and clear the way for the next generation of Future Fit Leadership. 

She will be joined after her presentation by our Keynote Speaker Liselotte LyngsØ and Colin Curran, VP HR Teleflex for a panel discussion on the research findings.

4:00pm - 4:10pm

Summary of the Day - Kieran Noonan, Chair ICBE & Site Director of Operations & Global Enterprise Excellence, Bausch & Lomb